Monday, April 1, 2013

The other reason.

The next half of my day in Perak involves several moments where the pedophile side in me is secretly scheming to kidnap one of the children there but failed terribly everytime cause somehow, children don't seem to like me much. However, there is always a trick that will attract their attention and they will come running to you. That secret trick up my sleeves would be the high end technology which functions with the touch of a finger, listens to your every command and stores several interactive games which will be sure to amaze the children. This technology has a bitten apple as a logo and is called an iPad. I know it's kinda despicable to get their attention by luring them with an iPad. I personally agree cause I don't want to see children growing up with the 'looking down' syndrome and I definitely don't want them immersed in the cyber world and shut themselves off from the real world where you interact with your family and friends. But desperate times come desperate measures. When you're just so deprived of the attention of a child, you have to use certain ways. Call me LOA now, I will graciously accept that phrase. Anyways, yeah, the other reason I've travelled back to Perak was to celebrate my incredibly adorable nephew's first birthday.

(WARNING: Millions (exaggerating) of baby pictures coming up. Get ready to squeal because of cuteness overload )

Birthday boy with an incredibly big apetite but I believe he'll grow up to be a handsome and tall young man. He smiles alot and I like the fact that he's easily amused cause a day without laughter is a day wasted right. However, he dislikes it when unknown people tries to carry him including myself.

 The adorable birthday boy with his favourite cartoon character as the avatar for his birthday cake.

Birthday boy with cake all over his mouth. So cute !
If I'm not mistaken he's probably eating the ears or sides of mickey mouse from the colour of the cream.

He is the main character of the day and he deserves more solo shots. Hehe. 

 Birthday boy is smiling.

Oops. I just cannot control myself. More shots coming up ! Teehee.

This is too cute !  

He's probably trying to get ahold of my iphone like every other kids. 

He can raise his eyebrows at such a young age. A natural model ! 

And he's smiling again. I like ! 

Birthday boy's older sister. She's getting prettier every single day but nowadays she hates taking pictures so I can't get more pictures of her that day.

And the next four boys I'm going to introduce to you would be their direct cousins which is also my nephews. They're well known with the name "四大天王" or "sei dai tin wang" in our families. There is bound to be chaos whenever they're around but I like their presence. The more, the merrier. I simply like lively environments.

King #1
The Oldest.
I think he's secretly a genius cause he's really good at playing electronic games and his favourite would be puzzle games. Seriously, when I was young, I think I hated playing puzzle games cause it uses up all my brain juice so I was really amazed at how good he is at puzzle games since way back when he was younger.

King #2
The Second. 
He's mischievious but naive, honest and kind hearted although he don't look like it. He's not too interested with the cyber world and he enjoys the company of people. He's real witty too ! Everyone says he'll grow up to be real handsome. Hehe.

Look at all the fries he's eating. I told him not to eat too much fries but he wouldn't listen and even offered me some of it. I refused and then he laughs away.

King #3
He used to be an introvert when he was younger and I was quite worried but now, I think he's a music prodigy cause he plays his favourite song twinkle twinkle little star on the piano repeatedly. 

This was where my pedo alter ego have reached its peak.

Yes, I am fully aware that I am being a bad influence here and I'm sorry but I just cannot tahan. I need the attention. Haha.

King #4
I don't think he likes me much so I can't say anything but he really dislikes it when you snatch his toys away.

We've reached the end of the four kings 
and this is where the grown ups camwhores.

It's nice to have a cute cousin that don't mind being retarded with you. I love her, seriously. 

Let's end the post with my aunt's awesome cooking. My mom and her sisters are real good cooks and I enjoy their cookings everytime. Definitely on par with all the restaurants out there with an extra essence of home.

Assam Laksa

Fried Beehun, Curry chicken and braised pork with mushrooms.

Goodnight, world. I hope you're all having a sweet dream and sleeping soundly now.

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