Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thank You notes.

Today I had a really horrifying experience after class. Even during class, I was experiencing an extremely bad period cramp and I couldn't digest or take in anything in class and eventually led me to squating in a far corner of the classroom while hugging a bag against my tummy real tight. Every excruciating minute, I was waiting for the class to end. After the class ended, while i was walking towards fatty's car, the terrifying moment took place, everything just suddenly became a ball of blur, can't hear properly, can't see properly, can't breathe properly and my heart was feeling so tight I thought I was going to faint right in that instant. I found a place to sit and fatty drove the car over to the place I was resting at the speed of light. The moment I reach home, I dragged myself up the stairs and immediately crashed on my bed. My mom and dad came upstairs to see how I was doing and asked me if I was okay but I wasn't in the right state to answer but I mustered up a half assed answer and continued on with my rest after having a sip or two of the hundred plus my maid brought upstairs for me. I wonder if I fell asleep after that or I fainted cause I feel like I was in a state of unconsciousness more than sleeping. Seems more like I was in a slumber like Snow White but of course, I didn't wake up because a prince kissed me or anything like that. If only life's a fairytale, huh. Anyways, my slumber lasted for about five hours and I'm in my right mind now, reporting to all of you what happened. Especially for those who were concerned. You know, I really am grateful that I have a friend like Fatty that walked all the way to Seven Eleven to buy me menstrual panadol and water and then walked all the way back to class, dragged me and carried my bag for me while walking back to the car although she did walk a little too fast and I almost couldn't keep up and almost fainted at the spot. She even drove the car at the speed of light to send me home and intended to call my parents up to send me to the hospital. Ok, sending me to the hospital might be a little to exaggerated. I wonder if fatty really intends to live our lives like a drama sometimes. Haha. I know I don't say this often but if you're reading this THANK YOU FATTY. I love you to bits !
Not in any romantic context.
A number of my friends probably saw our conversation on facebook and showed their concern too and I was really touched. I just wanted to say I'm really blessed to have awesome friends, amazing parents and a brother who despite coming in and asking me how I'm doing, laughed and asked whether I need to go to the hospital in a very sarcastic manner, I know he cares. So yeah, Thank You God for giving me such an amazing bunch of people in my life. Praise to the Lord.

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