Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One fine Thursday afternoon and Last Friday Night.

Hey guys, this is really delayed post about the afternoon we surprised this girl called Lyshalok and one of the best nights of my life although I pretty much don't remember what I did, what I said, who I danced with, how many drinks I had, how many glasses I broke, how i fell on my butt and how I ended up with a really painful bruise on my right butt cheek the next day.
Yeah, today we'll be talking all about my gorgeous bestfriend since 2008 slash lesbian partner slash girlfriend's birthday on one fine thursday afternoon and post birthday celebration at vertigo one awesome friday night.
I still remember last year, on the exact same day, 18th April 2012, I visited the girlfriend at Taylor's Lakeside, had the same big breakfast at the exact same place with presents in hand which include an incredibly adorable pikachu plush toy I bought from the Poke Centre in Japan.
One year later, on this very day Mama Lok popped the girlfriend out of her vagina into this world, I visited her again at Taylor's Lakeside, had the same big breakfast at the same place but this time, with the help from Marie, ( the girlfriend's bestfriend ) we surprised her with a box of Pikachu cupcakes that Marie ordered and I risked the life of Fatty and Superman to get all the way from a far far away place that pass by the old Subang Airport.
And here's what I say, my bestfriend's bestfriend is my bestfriend too ! Hehe. So Marie is officially my bestfriend too !
Three lives in exchange for the bahagia face of a girlfriend, I wouldn't say it's too bad of a deal, right. Anyways, yeah, we surprised the girlfriend at Backofen on that fine Thursday afternoon with a few of the girlfriend's coursemates and when she was walking in with that milk stuck on her lips, she was in it for a surprise.
One thing I'm quite amazed with was that when she was walking in, everyone who knows her well enough had their smartphones in hand and was more than ready to snap all the various facial expressions of the girlfriend's 19-year old bahagia almost want to cry birthday face.
She's like Britney Spears and all her every movements on tape.

Here's some pictures I stole from the girlfriend's Insta since I didn't snap any photos in the afternoon.

Pikachu is like a tradition for the girlfriend's birthday.
Ain't your birthday if there ain't no pikachu, huh, girlfriend.

Moving on to friday night and after an hour of battle with myself in front of the mirror and fifteen minutes of blowdrying my hair strand by strand.
From here on down I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

Bodyguard #1

Bodyguard #2

Bodyguard #3
Ian the bestfriend

Bodyguards United !

With the birthday girl.

I just realized I have really really really bad tan lines lol.


Ian and his bros.

the shit went down and things get messy.
The end. 

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