Sunday, April 28, 2013

Morning to Midnight.

Today, from morning right through to midnight I was blessed with good food and I'm a happy child for the day. 
I shall talk about today's food before I start about yesterday's food. As I mentioned on my previous post, we went on a journey back to my hometown to celebrate my granny's birthday in Pantai Remis and today morning, I was greeted with this simple yet gratifying dry kuey teow noodles with marinated fish, char siew and mini dried shrimp on top. It's a local delicacy that can only be found in the hometown so it's a must have everytime we're back.

 Did I mention it's only RM13.50 for four plates ?!?! 
Cheap and delicious, what more can you ask for. 
Usually we'll pair this dish up with the 'siu yuk' we buy from the local wet market but we had some errands to run and we left slightly later so all the siu yuks were sold out.
 The siu yuk from the wet market is really the best ! 
I guess that's one of the regrets of the trip. 
Oh wells, maybe next time ! 

After breakfast, we started our journey back home and I went on my usual slumber in the car for hours and hours till we're home but of course, it never stops there.
I continued my slumber for hours and hours again on my bed at home.
Then, I woke up at around four, watched some dramas and had some good ol' home cooked food for dinner and started working on my past years till my older brother knocked on my door to asks us to go out for supper. For our midnight snack, he brought us to this amazing place in Klang that he have repeatedly mentioned to us but never really brought us there before.
Okay, maybe the place isn't very amazing but the food is really incredibly awesome. 
It's like the bombs, Fat Man and little boy just deployed in your mouth and *BAMS KABOOMS POW* you're in heaven. Haha.
Who needs beautiful interior, spacious shop lots and fancy decorations if you have good food. 
Words of mouth is way better than any other form of advertising.
And serious though, the steamed lala with superior stock there is so awesome, my older brother ordered two of it. 
But be warned, they have a serving time of at least 45 minutes, you'll probably have to be seated on the side of the roads and it might rain and you'll have to move in and sit at the corridors of other shop lots.
If it makes things better, it is definitely worth the wait. 
They have an unusual operating hours and is a hot hang out spot for those who are late eaters.
They open at 7 till midnight. 

Hokkien Noodles.
Actually the place was so dark, we could barely take any presentable pictures but being the hardcore asian I am, I asked my older brother to be my lighting man and shine his phone's torch light on the food and snap snap snap, I have my pictures. Not too bad, eh.

Butter Mantis Prawn with Corns. 
Before this, I used to think Gold Chilli in SS15 was the only place that serves good butter dishes but I was deeply mistaken. 
This dish was amazeballs ! 
Buttery with a hint of corn taste partnered with fresh and crispy mantis prawn.

 Fried prawn mantis.

The best lala I've tasted in KL thus far. 
Slightly spicy but steamed to perfection, a pleasure to the taste buds.
The chilli, garlic, lala and broth mixed perfectly.
The whole meal costs only around RM90 plus plus only.
Definitely worth the money, the time and the wait ! 

Here's the address for the place if you would like to give it a try

Restoran Boston Baru
Jalan Kapar Klang
Opposite of KWSP 
Right Opposite of Kamdar

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