Thursday, April 4, 2013

Break, Shoes and Progress.

Hey guys, today is the seventh day since my holidays started. Do you know what I call an amazing holiday? First, it kick starts with pulling a few days of all nighters at home playing my new favourite RPG game, hit the haystack and waking up anytime I want regardless of what time of the day it is because the alarm never rings and because I can. Jackpot ! That would be perfect followed by a few fun day outs with my favourite people and awesome food that satisfy my cravings would be a bonus too ! Hehe. However this holiday, I have a slightly greater goal than usual, I'm implementing my work out plan on a daily basis. The other day, I went late night shopping with my elder brother and I finally found the pair of training shoe I've been wanting. Ok, it's not exactly the same as the one I've posted before this but it's cheaper, brighter and it makes me happy child. The shoes signifies a pact that I've made with myself and that is to be the best version of me before the holiday ends and mark my words, I will not stop till I'm proud. However, a girl have her days where she turns into a hormone raging bitch with really bad period cramps as mentioned in the previous post. I really do feel that everytime I'm starting to feel really motivated to work out and have a lifestyle change, I'd face certain adversities where my biological system fails me. The last time I was this determined, I was bitten by a mosquito and was contracted with dengue fever. Even when I was having dengue, I pretty much told myself, 
"Kaiwen are you going to let this stop you or are you going to keep moving forward and overcome this?" and then my determination insisted " This will NOT stop me and I shall continue fighting for my goals" and I continued working out for two more days or so. Eventually, my body had the best of me and I had to take a rest. A wise person gotta know when to stop and have a rest. I call it a pit stop. But that time I practically had a break at the pit stop for a lengthy period of time before getting back on my feet because I had exams soon after that. That one experience is enough for me to realize that if I hadn't stop, I would already have been a proud mama by now with chocolate abs. Haha. But fret not, this time I will make a difference and tomorrow, I will continue on my journey. Here's to a better tomorrow ! 

Pictures of my new work out buddies that'll joining me in the battlefield.

Spot the difference.
Progress from the time before I had my lengthy break where I've shed my layers of fat but my obliques still refuse to show. I'll do better this time around, I promise !

If you're wondering what is this picture all about. This, people is my throne where I spend more than half my holidays at. It's a slightly broken but still functional inclined chair that is situated right in front of the television for easy viewing and unparalleled gaming experience. I eat, drink, breathe and play here. OHYEAH.

Something to share with all of you.
Below is part of an article I read several days back about How To Be A B*tch.

Be thin. If you’re going to be a bitch, you need to have the sort of figure that makes people think you’re self-absorbed probably because you work out and try to eat healthy.
Be fat. If you’re fat, you’re revealing that you clearly don’t take care of yourself enough which makes you a  burdensome bitch.
Be neither fat nor thin. People will assume that you’re a bitch because you’re not picking sides, like what is wrong with you? You’re making it difficult for people to classify you and that makes you a bitch.
Be too loud.
Be too quiet.
Be too much of something and not enough of something else.

You see, either way, you're a bitch. Any walking person that doesn't have a penis and doesn't have testosterone overflowing in their blood, is a bitch. Nowadays, the word bitch seems to be just another one of those harmless figure of speech and friendly gestures that friends and siblings share with each other. And if according to others, being yourself is called being a bitch, so be it. Don't try to impress others and don't change yourself for anyone else but yourself because there are people who will like you for you. The you that finally figured out how to be comfortable in your own skin and the you that started loving yourself a little more.


  1. :O OOOO HIIII thats some amazing fats shedding! *Achievement Unlocked* (Y)

  2. I'm waiting to see yours !!! Can't Wait :D It'll be even more amazing, I'm sure !

  3. Haha! Mine? There's no 'before picture' one. Too scared to even point the camera back at myself lol.