Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One fine Thursday afternoon and Last Friday Night.

Hey guys, this is really delayed post about the afternoon we surprised this girl called Lyshalok and one of the best nights of my life although I pretty much don't remember what I did, what I said, who I danced with, how many drinks I had, how many glasses I broke, how i fell on my butt and how I ended up with a really painful bruise on my right butt cheek the next day.
Yeah, today we'll be talking all about my gorgeous bestfriend since 2008 slash lesbian partner slash girlfriend's birthday on one fine thursday afternoon and post birthday celebration at vertigo one awesome friday night.
I still remember last year, on the exact same day, 18th April 2012, I visited the girlfriend at Taylor's Lakeside, had the same big breakfast at the exact same place with presents in hand which include an incredibly adorable pikachu plush toy I bought from the Poke Centre in Japan.
One year later, on this very day Mama Lok popped the girlfriend out of her vagina into this world, I visited her again at Taylor's Lakeside, had the same big breakfast at the same place but this time, with the help from Marie, ( the girlfriend's bestfriend ) we surprised her with a box of Pikachu cupcakes that Marie ordered and I risked the life of Fatty and Superman to get all the way from a far far away place that pass by the old Subang Airport.
And here's what I say, my bestfriend's bestfriend is my bestfriend too ! Hehe. So Marie is officially my bestfriend too !
Three lives in exchange for the bahagia face of a girlfriend, I wouldn't say it's too bad of a deal, right. Anyways, yeah, we surprised the girlfriend at Backofen on that fine Thursday afternoon with a few of the girlfriend's coursemates and when she was walking in with that milk stuck on her lips, she was in it for a surprise.
One thing I'm quite amazed with was that when she was walking in, everyone who knows her well enough had their smartphones in hand and was more than ready to snap all the various facial expressions of the girlfriend's 19-year old bahagia almost want to cry birthday face.
She's like Britney Spears and all her every movements on tape.

Here's some pictures I stole from the girlfriend's Insta since I didn't snap any photos in the afternoon.

Pikachu is like a tradition for the girlfriend's birthday.
Ain't your birthday if there ain't no pikachu, huh, girlfriend.

Moving on to friday night and after an hour of battle with myself in front of the mirror and fifteen minutes of blowdrying my hair strand by strand.
From here on down I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

Bodyguard #1

Bodyguard #2

Bodyguard #3
Ian the bestfriend

Bodyguards United !

With the birthday girl.

I just realized I have really really really bad tan lines lol.


Ian and his bros.

the shit went down and things get messy.
The end. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Quotes, Pugs and Thoughts.

So, my bestfriend, Ian have an unlikely obsession for pugs
and here are some really *inserts every synonym of adorable* pictures of 'em.

Here's what I learnt about pugs from him so far, they snort and drool all the time and have the puss in the boots watery irresistible eyeballs.

Optimism for the day. Stolen from Instagram and Tumblr.

Some real deep thinking I was doing. Stolen from Thought Catalog.

The truth
When You Run Into Your Ex: Fantasy. Vs. Reality

Fantasy: You take the high road. You’re such an adult. You’re a Kelly Clarkson song!
Reality: You text your friend to say, “I think I’m dying inside. My skin is melting off.” Inside you feel like you’re being eaten alive by hyenas. Are your hands on fire? You politely excuse yourself, not sure if you’re crying or not. You can’t be sure. Is this what hell is? Is hell other people’s happiness?
Fantasy: You genuinely want them to be happy, because you know they’re a great person and they do deserve the best, even if that’s not with you.
Reality: You genuinely want them to be happy, because you know they’re a great person and they do deserve the best, even if that’s not with you. Just as long as you’re a little bit happier. It’s not a competition. Does that make you terrible? No, just human. 


Will I Remember How to Love You

When I finally meet you, will I remember how to love you?
Will I remember how to lie awake on Sunday morning while you sleep, counting the freckles that pepper your back?
Will I remember to not always be right, to compromise, and not bolt for the highway when things aren’t going my way?
Will you remind me how nice it is to wake up in the morning as someone that loves me too strokes the hair out of my face in the dusty, pale light? Will you remind me how to let you change the lightbulb, fix my computer, bring me tea when I’ve had a hard day, instead of trying to do everything on my own? Will you remind me how to line up your shoes next to mine when you stay the night? Will you remind me how to call you in the evening, even when I don’t want to talk to anyone, how to meet you on my lunch hour, and how to make sure my friends save a seat for you at dinner next Friday night?
Will you think I’m beautiful right after I’ve done the eggiest hell fart anyone ever farted? Will you understand that sometimes I do forget, will forget, exactly how to love you, but that I’ll always be sorry when I do? 


Four Questionable Sayings About Love

1. “Love just happens.”

If you want love, you have to stand up and be counted and risk your ego being bruised and your heart being broken. Love happens to those who are willing to be vulnerable to the pain of love so they can also experience the greatness of love.

2. “You don’t choose who you fall in love with.”

Even if you don’t choose who you fall in love with, you choose who you continue to love; you choose who you’re with.

3.  “All is fair in love and war.”

All isn’t fair in love and war. You don’t just get to lie, cheat, steal, and intentionally hurt people along the way so you can be in love. Even if you think all is fair in love, remember that karma has a funny way of settling scores.

4. It is better to have loved and lost than never had loved at all.

Being vulnerable with someone in a romantic love that you invested your time, your future, and your life in, and having that all thrown back in your face is a devastating experience.
Loss is painful, having never had, is also painful but I speak from experience when I say, you can’t miss something you’ve never had. Love pains aren’t better or worse than each other; they’re just different.


One step at a time
All Great Things Happen In Tiny Steps

Change happens in the smallest ways. Baby steps.
Change is taking a deep breath and not raising your voice at someone—just once. It’s every job application you fill out, however many hundred you go through, one of them, one little application, could be the start of your new life. It’s a smile, or a hello, to the person you care about. It’s releasing your negative self-talk for just one moment. It’s getting up and walking away from a situation that you shouldn’t be in—just once. That’s all it takes. It only takes 10 seconds of courage to change everything, or to start something that will change everything. Trying to uproot and overhaul and transform your life overnight will seldom work. But do you know what will? Identifying what it is you most want, and making the little, tiny changes until you get there.

Read the whole article if you have the time.
I've read these articles sometime ago, I found some amusing, I found some beautiful, I found some relatable and I just felt the need to share it with you all.

Before I end this post, I have to have to HAVE TO talk about Iron Man 3.

Needless to say, Robert Downey Jr. never fails to give us an amazing performance.
It is definitely not an exaggeration when I say, Iron Man 3 is simply the best movie I've ever watched in the cinemas. The best two hours and fifteen minutes I've spent in the cinemas ever with my iMax 3D glasses.
The movie have an engaging storyline, mindblowing visual effects, cool ass iron man suits, remarkable actresses and actors.
I just saw a debate online about Iron man 3 being better than Avengers ?
You know what I say? Iron man 3 is way better than Avengers, hands down !
It was the perfect mix of climax, depth, twists, sarcasm and Robert Downey Jr. 's sexiness.
I think I melted when he was doing that little dance in the basement and my heart ache a little when the metal just crashed onto his balls? Haha.
Also, Gwyneth Paltrow's body motivated me to start working out again.
She look so good shirtless with her sports bra on, I'm determined to look like that one day but shorter and with black hair.
I usually don't fancy watching the same movie twice in the cinema but I think I'll make an exception for this one because it's awesome like that.

Btw, I was dressed for the movie, okay.
In my bathing ape Iron Man tee I bought from Singapore last year.
I call him the Iron Milo !

After the movie, I had lunch at Thai Thai with Fatty and Superman.
FINALLY, satisfied my one week cravings for water chestnuts.

I think from today onwards I'll end my post with an emoticon and that emoticon shall represent my mood while writing the post.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Morning to Midnight.

Today, from morning right through to midnight I was blessed with good food and I'm a happy child for the day. 
I shall talk about today's food before I start about yesterday's food. As I mentioned on my previous post, we went on a journey back to my hometown to celebrate my granny's birthday in Pantai Remis and today morning, I was greeted with this simple yet gratifying dry kuey teow noodles with marinated fish, char siew and mini dried shrimp on top. It's a local delicacy that can only be found in the hometown so it's a must have everytime we're back.

 Did I mention it's only RM13.50 for four plates ?!?! 
Cheap and delicious, what more can you ask for. 
Usually we'll pair this dish up with the 'siu yuk' we buy from the local wet market but we had some errands to run and we left slightly later so all the siu yuks were sold out.
 The siu yuk from the wet market is really the best ! 
I guess that's one of the regrets of the trip. 
Oh wells, maybe next time ! 

After breakfast, we started our journey back home and I went on my usual slumber in the car for hours and hours till we're home but of course, it never stops there.
I continued my slumber for hours and hours again on my bed at home.
Then, I woke up at around four, watched some dramas and had some good ol' home cooked food for dinner and started working on my past years till my older brother knocked on my door to asks us to go out for supper. For our midnight snack, he brought us to this amazing place in Klang that he have repeatedly mentioned to us but never really brought us there before.
Okay, maybe the place isn't very amazing but the food is really incredibly awesome. 
It's like the bombs, Fat Man and little boy just deployed in your mouth and *BAMS KABOOMS POW* you're in heaven. Haha.
Who needs beautiful interior, spacious shop lots and fancy decorations if you have good food. 
Words of mouth is way better than any other form of advertising.
And serious though, the steamed lala with superior stock there is so awesome, my older brother ordered two of it. 
But be warned, they have a serving time of at least 45 minutes, you'll probably have to be seated on the side of the roads and it might rain and you'll have to move in and sit at the corridors of other shop lots.
If it makes things better, it is definitely worth the wait. 
They have an unusual operating hours and is a hot hang out spot for those who are late eaters.
They open at 7 till midnight. 

Hokkien Noodles.
Actually the place was so dark, we could barely take any presentable pictures but being the hardcore asian I am, I asked my older brother to be my lighting man and shine his phone's torch light on the food and snap snap snap, I have my pictures. Not too bad, eh.

Butter Mantis Prawn with Corns. 
Before this, I used to think Gold Chilli in SS15 was the only place that serves good butter dishes but I was deeply mistaken. 
This dish was amazeballs ! 
Buttery with a hint of corn taste partnered with fresh and crispy mantis prawn.

 Fried prawn mantis.

The best lala I've tasted in KL thus far. 
Slightly spicy but steamed to perfection, a pleasure to the taste buds.
The chilli, garlic, lala and broth mixed perfectly.
The whole meal costs only around RM90 plus plus only.
Definitely worth the money, the time and the wait ! 

Here's the address for the place if you would like to give it a try

Restoran Boston Baru
Jalan Kapar Klang
Opposite of KWSP 
Right Opposite of Kamdar