Monday, March 11, 2013

Twiddle dee and Twiddle dumb.

We're often said to be a package, the driver and her princess and vice versa, we can't be one without the other like two sides of the coin, exist on two opposite ends but are always stuck together and we were even rumoured to be in a romantic relationship once *gasps*but she's really just my twiddle dee and I'm her twiddle dumb so let me introduce you to my bestfriend who likes to be a called a fatty but her real name is really Regine.

Here's us making a promise of everlasting friendship.

And our camho pictures in the car.

And even more of our camho pictures in blue cube. 

And even EVEN more camho pictures of us in the toilet.
We never stop.

This was when Regine meets Regina 

And from here on it'll be about our usual movie dates at our usual hang out mall which is a five minute drive from college. Movie dates with your college mates after class or in between long breaks are simply awesome especially when we're both a fan of popcorns and sweet corns in a cup. 

Look ! there was a hole right in the middle of the mountain of popcorn and I find it really cool.
Did you know ? You could purchase tickets from the food counter at MBO cinemas and the cashiers at the food counter is really friendly but he laughed at me. The stupid moment when you thought the screen was touch screen, only to be told it's really not and you've made a fool out of yourself. Oh wells, life's full of embarrassing moments and if those embarrassing moments can bring minutes of laughters then, it ain't too bad I guess, at least I'm contributing to their abs building. After getting our tickets, we walked around the mall, bought presents for Regine's sis and planted our asses at Starbucks to kill time before our movie starts.

Zayn Malik looks so... UNZayn. I think it's the hair and the facial hair. You're earning millions, bro. Groom yourself ! You're really handsome beneath those facial hair so don't hide it. Use your assets well and make us fans happy.

Free Starbucks card with RM10 inside by just filling up a survey in college. I love free things and I simply cannot lie. You may think that RM10 can't buy you a drink in Starbucks, but you're wrong cause RM10 is more than enough for you to get a Grande Vanilla Milk.  One of my all time favourite. 

                                                 FEE                                                 FYE
                                                FOE                                                 FUMM

We watched Jack The Giant Slayer. It was a good movie with it's share of laughter, engaging story lines and heart pumping moments. There was this part in the movie where the character in the movie farts and Regine covered her nose and we went EWWWW as if the cinemas in Malaysia are so advanced that they're in 4D. Anyways, it's late now so I shall end my post here. 
Till we meet again, peeps ! 

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