Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Hello awesome people that's currently reading this. I'm sorry for not updating the past few days and I was planning on writing another post today but that post would just have to wait.

The horror of realizing you didn't check up on your timetable properly and end up mistaking it for another paper is exactly like this.

I am mentally unprepared for this kind of surprise !!!
I have mistaken my Mathematics P43 for Mathematics P33 and they are completely unrelated. *cries in despair again* I think if exam continues I'm gonna die of dehydration and insufficient mucus cause I cry after every exam.

P.S Fatty if you're reading this, you must be the next Muhammad Ali cause you must be the kindest person on earth. HAHAHAHAHAHAHH.

I shall sign out now and see you guys tomorrow ! (:
Wish me heaps of luck for the exams tomorrow.

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