Friday, March 29, 2013

It's over.

Today, before the clock strikes twelve, marks the end of the dreadful trials. Thank Goodness. I know I probably didn't do well but like how the movie " Olympus Has Fallen " quoted - I will not have the word die without having a fight on my face. After trials, I had the usual breakfast at peppercorn with the shorties gang plus a man with big boobs that joined us afterwards. 

He probably looks like this

And he Likes to do this

In case you're wondering, who's in the shorties gang. Let me introduce to you two of my favourite girls in class. We click so well that we have compatible height too ! Like they always say, birds of a feather flock together. LOL.

Shorties gang = two of us

+ Fatty

After breakfast, we headed on to Subang Parade for our movie marathon and maybe, it was school holidays, Subang Parade was packed with people and we've met plenty of familiar faces there while lepak-ing around the mall like homeless people waiting for our movie to start. We've watched Olympus Has Fallen and Warm Bodies. (WARNING: SPOILERS ahead)

First up, Olympus has Fallen, it's basically about a one man show where a single man comes to the rescue, saves the day and redeems himself for his past failure. The storyline was typical but Gerard Butler's acting was amazing, the show have its climax that makes your heart race and the storyline was engaging enough that you won't fall asleep in the cinema. It's really a great show and I have a feeling that Gerard Butler is the new action movie star like the next generation of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. I just checked it out and Tom Cruise is already FIVE OHHHHHH while Brad Pitt is just one year younger. Seriously, it feels like it was just yesterday that I watched Mr & Mrs Smith and that was eight year ago when I was 11 yrs old. In another blink of an eye, I'll probably be twenty seven and who knows what'll I'll be doing then but I do hope I'm still writting.  

Next was Warm Bodies and basically it's about

A Zombie

That turns into a human with the power of L.O.V.E

Overall, it was a light hearted movie with a quirky point of view from the zombie which can be rather funny at times. 

Can you spot the difference?
Fatty and I both agreed that the female lead actress have an uncanny resemblance to Kristen Stewart but in blonde. Basically, a blonde and older Kristen Stewart? Actually, the correct definition should be Kristen Stewart looks like Teresa Palmer, just that she's younger, brunette and has a vampire as a boyfriend rather than a zombie. LOL.

However, if you had to compare both the movies, I would definitely recommend Olympus has Fallen. They're both on different genres but Olympus Has Fallen is on another different level. I'm leaving back to hometown now. Byes ! Have a great day ahead guys.

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