Saturday, March 16, 2013


Hello all you food lovers out there ! Here's a short update on food. Get ready to drool.
Before I start, I would like to say I hate Candy Crush, I hate it before I even start playing it. Candy Crush is basically crushing all my friendship away. All my friends rather face their smartphones than look at my beautiful face and talk. *cries* I have officially lost to a facebook game.
Also, my bed is so alluring that it makes me so demotivated to study and trials is in exactly 3 days away. I'm dead.

First up, D'italiane kitchen.
This is one of the better italian restaurants I've been to in Malaysia. Somehow, Italianese doesn't appeal to me that much. Plainly said, Italianese doesn't excite my taste buds as much as D'Italiane.


I usually frequent the one in Sunway Giza.

Spicy Beef Bacon Aglio Oglio
This is literally foodgasm. OMG. 
The spaghetti doesn't taste too bland nor does it taste too salty which is normally the two kinds of taste you get for ordering aglio oglio. This spicy beef bacon Aglio Oglio have combined the taste of the bacon, the oil and the spaghetti perfectly well.

Beef Bacon and Mushroom Carbonara. 

Grilled Balsamic BBQ Chicken Thigh.
Trust me, although it looks like a black deformed ball that descended from the skies and landed on a plate due to my bad photography skills and lighting, it tasted like heaven. Even though, I've never been to heaven to know how it feels like there and I don't plan on going there just yet. 
The chicken is tender, flavourful and definitely a delight to your taste buds. This dish takes maybe, 5 minutes longer than the spaghettis we ordered.

Another one of our all time favourite starters that we didn't get to order that day was Mixed Bruschetta Platter. It is a must try if you go there. Basically, it's italian bread served with four different variety of toppings. 

"tomato and basil, salmon and ill, creamed mushroom, chicken and avocado with toasted focacia bread slices on the side" - googled it

The bread makes all the difference. It is soft and moist and baked to amaze.

Next up is Alexis in The Gardens, Mid Valley.
Sometimes, I feel like Alexis can be slightly over rated. However, the food ain't too bad and it is a good hang out place. 

Bucatini Carbonara. What four out of five of us ordered and then they realized the spaghetti have a larger diameter than your usual spaghetti. 

Lobster roll. The lobster roll and coleslaw is good but really, RM36 for fries that looks like normal Mcdonald's fries doesn't make sense ! RAWR. 

Talking about Mcdonald's ! In conjunction with National Breakfast Day, they're giving away free Egg McMuffins tomorrow ! From 7-10am.  

If you don't trust me, here's prove:
*click on the link and read the morning truths. That's me.

It's free! free! free! 
Wake up early and head on to the nearest McD
I'll probably be categorized under those that rather sleep than eat. Which category are you in? 

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