Thursday, March 14, 2013

Food For Thoughts.

Reading this post makes me realize, why was I even so worked up about how to construct a post. How to make it appealing to attract attention when really, I was trying to write for myself and hopefully I could inspire others with what I write and I believe a person's life is a recollection of everything they've experienced in life.  I want the audience to relate to it but if you begin to live for the audience, you become more of a sales person and less of a writer. Maybe, what I write is irrelevant and it might not even make sense but at least you could see from another perspective other than your own and hopefully these perspective of mine could give you a different insight in life. We're born to impress but not as a fake but as an original so I'll learn to be myself and no one else. You should too. Remember when I said I was lost previously? But here's what I think now. In seven six nine days later, I'll see myself with my own style of writing, I'll have a better use of the language, I'll be writing about what I'm passionate about and I'll be able to provide insightful information. The next point I'm about to say is not happening to me just yet but I've experienced something similar in real life before and I was immensely hurt by it that I even cried myself to sleep at one point. Thoughts like why this, why that and what did I do to deserve this, it runs through your mind and eventually messes up your feelings but seriously, you have to recognize that 99.9% of the people who read what you write or talk about you behind your back don’t really know you. So whatever they have to say about who you are and who you are not, is baseless.  Stop thinking that you're a victim and start learning to be a stronger person. Everyone talks ( including myself) but they can be wrong and don't be too cramped up about what they've once said and thought, be happy of what they think of you now after getting to know you. If you can learn to see the lighter side of things, you’ll be a lot happier in your writing and basically, in your life.

P.S : I've extracted the quotes in blue from the link itself cause I don't think all of you would actually click on it and read every single word right. Anyways, those quotes are too damn true and relatable not to share.

I've another post on another link to share but I'll save that for another day. To lighten up the mood of this post, here's photos of my class from the day where I went to watch Jack the Giant Slayer. I love class photo sessions cause I feel like it's class bonding time. Hopefully, it's covalent bonding laaaaaa ! cause it's strong yo.

Here's my class.
Minus the awesome Batman aka Wai Yan who was probably snoring away in his room.

The boys 

The Girls

Bet you don't know which one is our class mentor cause she fits right into the picture.
She's the beautiful and radiant one right in the middle standing. 

Class unity. That's two words that is easy to say and nice to hear but definitely difficult to achieve, I wouldn't say we've completely fit into the description and we may very well be made up of flaws, imperfections and misunderstandings. There may even be the occasional  heating arguments and intense competition but i know that we're all made of good intentions and we just need to settle our differences sometimes. Here's what I see after breaking the walls in front of me, I see all of us laughing together at the friendly insults that our bio teacher usually throw at us, I see all of us coming together to celebrate a classmate's birthday, I see all of us smiling in front of the camera lens as a family under the artistic directions of our class mentor that fit right into our picture with her youthfulness and I see all of us coming together to achieve the same goal whatever it may be. Deep down, we're a good bunch that just needs a little tweak of compromise and tolerance here and there. A little magic work wonders. *prays for a fairy godmother to watch over us*

In the PM3 generation passed down by our great mentor, this is the tradition where you made a promise of friendship.

Most of all, PM3 is awesome and I'm grateful for the one year, two and a half months spent together and I hope it just gets better and better and better till it can't get any better.

*credits to my classmate, Ming Ren for being the class photographer and being so good at it.
Thanks to Jiaying for adding wonders to the photo.


*Pay attention to the quotes on our matching tees*

Spent my White Day with this asshole of a husband pigging out.
How was White Day for you?

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