Sunday, March 17, 2013

Burgers, Patties, Yummies.

If you don't already notice, I really do love food alot so I shall dedicate my blog to food and day-to-day life. I get the most inspiration to write when I'm eating and those inspirations are normally related to food. LOL.

Today I'll be talking about Burgertory and probably make references to BurgerLab. So will the Factory or the Lab win this round?
Burgertory has it's similarities to BurgerLab but instead of having Chicken and Beef only in its menu, it has Pork, Vege and Beef ! So i guess it's vegetarian-friendly.
One point to Burgertory.
Plus Pork ! Two points now.

For me, burgertory is just around the corner of my college in SS15 and BurgerLab is way too far and it's located in a corner which is difficult to spot. It can be quite a hassle to look for the place especially for people with a bad internal compass like myself. So, one extra point to Burgertory for strategic location and attention seeking appearance.

Burgertory Address:
No 8A, 1st Floor, SS15/4D,
47500 Subang Jaya,

Burgertory opens at 6pm and is located right above Guardian and right below English House.
Here's what happened, the fatty and I basically camped outside Guardian in our car cause our class ended at 5.30pm and we waited till a customer head up the stairs before getting out of the car and walk up to the Burger place to prevent looking like two little pigs that can't wait to turn their beast mode on.

Here's the menu and for those who've went to BurgerLab before you'll notice this rather obvious similarity between the menu. Instead of A+ , they have B Plus+ .  
So for Similarity, I'll minus one point from Burgertory, pushing it back down to two points and add one point to BurgerLab for Originality.

The buns are like usual hamburger buns but it tastes like soft buns which is how I liked it. However, BurgerLab's charcoal bun is still leading in innovation. BurgerLab plus one more point for Innovation. 

Time to turn on our Beast mode !!!

My Swine Bacon & Cheese.
Doesn't the pork bacon just looks so irresistible? 
The pork patty is juicy and one bite into it satisfies your burger cravings. It tastes good if not, better than good.

Fatty's Burgertory Hot Smokes that is as hot as her but doesn't release smoke.
The fries and sauce to dip the fries in is similar to BurgerLab but BurgerLab's definitely tastes better. One point to BurgerLab for taste. Extra one more point to BurgerLab for food presentation.

Do you see the stools and workmen's bench as tables and chairs? It's so adorable. 
Plus one point to Burgertory for ambience and spaciousness. BurgerLab is constantly filled with people and the place can get a little too congested sometimes. Maybe Burgertory just opened so it doesn't have much customers yet.

Btw, because of it's grand opening, for every burger we order, we'll get a free upgrade to a set which includes fries and drinks which would normally cost RM5. The drinks are refillable ! When I said Burgertory and BurgerLab has similarities, I seriously ain't lying. I'm not sure how long the promotion lasts so head on there before it's too late ! And Burgertory doesn't have service charge. I like.

That settles it, BurgerLab leads with four points and Burgertory is right around the corner with 3 points.
BurgerLab has a more unique taste to it and they've successfully make sweet burgers taste pretty good so it'll be hard to overtake them anytime soon.
However, Burgertory serves good burgers so I recommend you guys to try it too. Who knows, you might even prefer Burgertory to BurgerLab. Everyone has their own personal preference and I definitely wouldn't force my opinions onto you.

The picture I used to self publicize the blog on facebook and Insta.

I'll either haunt you in your sleep or charm you in your dreams. 
Love, kaiwen.

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