Sunday, February 24, 2013

Seven Eight Six

Initially, I wanted to start this blog with an overview about my life during the two years, one month and twenty four days of absence but why rush everything when we have plenty of time to catch up? Why waste all my blog posts just to have a minute of satisfaction and miss out on all the meaningful details? Hence, I'll choose to be patient and take my time for you to get to know me all over again if you're feeling a little detached. 786. That's a very important figure. That's the exact number of days I live, I laugh, I love, I cry, I fall, I learn, I stand up and I come back stronger but I didn't keep record of every single moment of it. To all the raw, unfiltered and scattered thoughts running through my brain that didn't get to see a shine of light and stayed hidden in a now, secluded area of my brain. I'm sorry. I won't repeat the same mistake anymore. 786 days from now, I will look back on all my posts and tell myself that I've did good and I'll be able to look back on how I've grown up to be the person I am 786 days later. That's a promise.

As a start, here's one of the last clear pictures on my face on my previous blog.
Trust me, I actually thought I look good in this picture at that time. Why else would I post it up. LMFAO. Sometimes, you need this kind of kick in the face to remind you that you've changed.

HEY, I was wearing colourful braces and young that time.

Here's a fastforward to the current time we're living in now.

You'll be seeing a lot of me.
*presses publish button*

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