Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Brunch at Antipodean on a fine Saturday evening.

Five interesting facts to look out for:

If the picture’s unclear, here’s what’s written “we do not seat incomplete guests
Usually you’ll only see these signs in a restaurant or café that’s usually overcrowded. However, the waiter was kind enough to offer us a seat despite us being an incomplete group cause the brother had to park the car. Personally, I think these are positive signs cause it’s like saying business is good and food is awesome that’s why everyone is coming but it does get annoying when you’re in a situation where you’re in absolute need to visit the washroom and when you return, you realized your seats were given up to another person cause you answered nature’s call. It gets even worse if you have a tight schedule to follow. So if you’re busy and running out of time, come again another time.

On the wall menu
Make sure you view the menu before taking your seat to prevent yourself from looking like an idiot standing up from your seat, walking to the menu which spreads across the wall, block everyone’s path, stare at it with the waitress standing next to you awkwardly waiting to take your order and returning to your seats only to forget what you initially wanted to order. LOL.

Wide range of healthy food.
For health conscience people who are following a strict diet to lose weight or gain abs , this is the place to go.

All Day Breakfast
This is a plus point for nocturnal beings like myself that usually wake up craving for American breakfast but realize it’s way past breakfast time.

Big portion at an affordable price.
I ordered two portions of food and soon realized it was a big mistake cause two is not better than one this time.

Amazing customer service.
On the way out of the cafe, it started raining and usually when you step out of the café, you’re none of the waitress’ business anymore? But she actually offered us newspaper to protect our head from acid rain and falling sick ! I was really impressed.

Let’s finally talk about the food now
I was never a coffee lover so I can’t really give any suggestions about the coffee but here’s a picture of the latte I ordered. 

By the way, did you know coffee could actually act as a mild appetite suppressant ? Also, we all know that coffee is a stimulant but I bet you don’t know that coffee promotes cell activities, increases metabolism and help us burn fats. Of course, it’s only true if you can resist adding sugar and milk which is high in saturated fats.

Hot chocolate RM10

Porridge with Honey and Banana RM15
It’s really not porridge but Oatmeal.

Omelette with salmon ( with salad as sides ) RM20
Do you know how typical Malaysians ( like myself ) love to eat everything with Ketchup or Chilli Sauce especially with omelette or scrambled eggs? but this time, I asked for the chilli sauce only to leave it on the table as a decoration cause the salmon and omelette makes a pretty good combination. If the salmon taste gets a little too strong in the mouth, the aftertaste could be easily taken away by the freshness of the salad with vinegar dressing. Therefore, I think the omelette and the salad strike up a good balance in between. Here’s extra information if you’re currently working out to get your dream body, eggs, salmon and salad is the perfect combination for you. Eggs are an excellent protein source and contributes to the feeling of satiety throughout the day. Salmon is the perfect source of omega-3 fatty acids which promotes fat burning and  efficient metabolism. Salad is a good source of calcium and an essential ingredient for muscle contraction. Basically, you can last in your workout longer !

Big breakfast with extra Bacon. RM19 + RM9
The bacon smells incredible and looks so irresistible ! 

Blueberry bagel with berry RM20
My mom loved it. She kept praising the taste of the blueberry cream.

Overall, I think Antipodean is a great place to spend your breakfast or brunch at if you’re a late person like myself. Affordable price, large portion, good customer service and lively environment.  However it can get a little squeezy and it’s always bustling with customers. Another thing ! If you like to look at leng lui, quite a lot of leng lui go there and eat la. HAHA.

Here's another interesting story that happened after brunch when we get home. After brunch, mommy came down with a fever and she wanted to rest. On the other hand, ( I know this is inappropriate but I'm still going say this ) I was spending my sweet time in the toilet doing what you usually do in the toilet and suddenly my opposite neighbour started screaming and shouting. Initially I thought someone fainted or something, then I opened the toilet door and asked my mom if our neighbour fainted. Despite being sick, she walked over to the window and peek through to see what's the commotion. Several seconds later, I vaguely heard someone screaming the word stroke and it weighed down on me that my neighbour might be having a stroke ! At this point of time, you might be wondering how I could hear all of this from the first floor and when I'm in the toilet. Let's just say it like this, the toilet needs some air ventilation and the toilet window is always slightly open to connect to the outside world so that I won't die due to insufficient oxygen or air pollution if I spend too much time inside. Anyways, back to the story, I told my mom that our neighbour might be having a stroke and she went to call my brother who is half naked to send our neighbour to the hospital and he changed in the speed of light, went over to our neighbour's place and drove the car to the hospital. Well, the moral of the story is, I think it's better to be a 8 ( 'pat' ) neighbour than a neighbour that doesn't care what happens outside of their own house because sometimes, a helping hand is important no matter how hard you shut yourself off from the world. Unexpected things can happen. Btw, Thank God, my neighbour wasn't having a stroke but low blood glucose level. 

9 Gag post to end the day. 

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